Samsung CJ89-49 Inch Super Ultra-Widescreen Monitor Review

Due to productivity and flexibility, people are now selecting a plethora of gaming monitors to satisfy their quest. Mind you; there can be some lasting disadvantages by moving from one product to another.

Color, height, bezels, screen information and performance are some of the disadvantages you can find when looking for the perfect gaming monitor. Is Samsung C89-49 your dream gaming monitor? Explore more facts in this content to know if this is your dream gaming monitor.

The Compatibility Of Samsung CJ89

One thing is sure with this product; buyers can use it with a gamut of other devices. The inbuilt KVM of the CJ89 helps you to manage the PIP mode. The major function of this feature is to help gamers to unleash a plethora of applications on the large screen.

The PBP mode of this amazing device will help convert a monitor into several other options. The monitor will become more than an ordinary screen when connecting it to a Dex station, a laptop or a PC. The capability of the product to connect to several other devices remains unanticipated.

Ultra-Widescreen Viewing Experience

The diagonal length of the monitor is as large as one hundred and twenty-four centimeters. Seating in front of this monitor will help you see everything possible. In fact, without any efforts, the device will help you see how images display. The CJ89 is nothing but comfort for anyone looking to engage in playing video games.

The display of the monitor which operates at 1,800R curvature remains the secret of the amazing viewing experience of this product. Remember, there will not be any eye straining when using this monitor. Every factor that can lead to eye stress has been removed.

Immersive Gaming Experience

Do you know that the device can help build a creative and relaxing gaming environment? It improves your gaming experience and skills. The 3840 x 1080 high resolution will help players enjoy the maximum immersive experience. The ultra-wide screen is another thing that can help boost an immersive gaming experience. The images that appear on your screen will not be blurred.

For gaming purposes, the device operates with 144 Hz refresh rate. It simply means that the C89 can display several images in a split second. The movement of objects will not be difficult to see on the screen of the monitor. In the case of CJ89, buyers will see around one hundred and forty-four frames in a given second.

This helps to boost the smoothness of the system without any complications. On both windows of the screen, you will discover that the device support one hundred and forty-four refresh rate. It implies that you will enjoy every moment of your game.


The C89 is affordable, making it one of the best gaming monitors in the market. Apart from being affordable, you will also enjoy its plethora of amazing features. In real-time, you can depend on the performance and functionality of the product, time and time again.

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