Makers 2015


  • Curiosity Hub Mini-Workshops
    Create a ‘Hungry Alligator’ robot with Lego WeDo! Assemble an alligator robot using Lego WeDo robotics kits then create a program to make it snap its jaws and play sounds.
  • Late Night Engineering
    Engineering can be a lot of fun! Engineer Patrick shares his stories about his after hours geek-out sessions and reveals amongst other things how to build your own DB8-like robot from Star Wars.
  • Robots
    Lots of robots! Expect Daleks, robot warriors and other creations.

Science Lab

  • AirPi
    Have you ever wondered what’s in the air you breathe every day? The AirPi collects data on the air quality, humidity, temperature, light levels, and sound levels and uploads them in real time!
  • Now You See It! The Everyday Invisible Revealed
    Experience how the everyday invisible is revealed! Returning to the Maker Faire for the third time, these home-made-microscopes bring things under close scrutiny that are very small, very fast, very slow and sometimes totally invisible.
  • Postcards From a Prep Room
    Discover the hidden secrets of light using just a CD and a piece of card. Make a very simple piece of kit that will open your eyes to the spectral realm.
  • Superpants
    Create your own masterpiece by firing the Art Cannon, an interactive messy explosion of colour, and go away with ideas for projects you can do at home.
  • WhaleFest Marine Science Zone
    The Science Team from WhaleFest are here to show off their exciting marine science workshop with loads of hands-on experiments: split seawater, dissect a fish, clean-up an oil spill, and build a submarine! If you’re not getting wet, then you’re not doing it properly!


  • Amateur Radio
    Worthing Radio Events Group is an active amateur radio club based in the Worthing area.
  • Bare Conductive
    Get creative with electronics. Make interactive projects using Electric Paint, the Touch Board and Bare Conductive’s Starter Kits.
  • Crumble Controller
    The Crumble is a cheap, easy-to-use electronics controller. A few ‘croc’ leads and a USB cable are all you need to connect motors, LEDs and sensors and begin experimenting.
  • MakerSmart
    Smartwatches are big news, in particular with the recent release of the Apple Watch! Now you have the chance to build your own!
  • Remembrance Radio
    Based on a principle that dates back to the 1920s, this home-made medium wave transistor radio is capable of picking up five radio stations.
  • Solder Work Station
    Take part in our Learn to Solder Workshops. Already have basic soldering skills then why not try out our advanced kits!

Mechanics & Bricolage

  • Clock Making
    Mechanical clocks that are driven by an electromagnetic system controlled by a microprocessor. Combines mechanics, electronics, programming and craftsmanship to create truly unique objects.
  • Ensemble Automata Workshop
    Part workshop, part performance, part exhibit, the Mechanical Ensemble Workshop combines construction, art and engineering while learning some basics about mechanical movement and control.
  • Kids Kits
    Lasercut mechanical and electric kits that make cars powered by wind, electricity, solar power and friction, as well as robots that walk and vibrate along.
  • Strawbees
    New to the UK, Strawbees combines standard straws and cardboard to build anything from mathematical shapes like the platonic solids to mechanical birds, giant marble runs or life-size action figures.
  • Young Inventors Centre
    A variety of activities that combine hands-on making with cheap and recyclable materials such as toys and cardboard with cutting edge technology such as 3D scanning, 3D model making, 3D printing, digital textiles, Oculus Rift, and even robotics.

Theatre & Puppetry

  • Computational Puppet Show
    A puppet show in which the audience is invited to take part themselves. Control the puppet’s action and manipulate the sounds through the movements of your own body!
  • Pippi Longstocking Interactive Puppet Theatre
    Discover the fantastic world of Pippi Longstocking and meet her friend Mr Nillson, a smart monkey in a straw hat, and her always hungry horse.

Costumes, Fashion & Accessories

Knitting, Sewing & Textiles

  • Making Felt by Hand
    Combining traditional skills with contemporary ideas, you will use organic and hand-dyed Welsh wools to learn feltmaking techniques, then design and create your very own unique felted landscape or creature!
  • Marvellous Mechanical Yarn
    A colourful mix of alternative yarns, unusual knitting, crochet projects and the “draw it, scan it, knit it” hack on a Brother 950i knitting machine.
  • Needle Felfies
    Create your own selfie in felt using dyed wool and a felting needle. Fun for everyone!
  • Sew Fabulous Sewing Workshops
    No matter how old you are or how experienced – come and learn how to use a sewing machine, and with expert guidance complete a mini project!
  • The Wet Felting Experience
    Using soft Merino Wool in rainbow colours, you will follow the ancient technique of felt making and magically transform a pile of wool into your very own work of art!
  • Traditional Spinning and Carding of Sheep Fleece
    From sheep to knitting wool, your opportunity to learn how a sheep fleece is turned into a ball of knitting wool. See a traditional spinner and carding in action.


  • Cracking Mosaics
    Adults and children can develop their design skills by filling up small frames with pre-cut pieces of ceramic tiles in order to create amazing patterns and pictures.
  • Drop-In Glass Making Workshops
    Fancy trying your hand at creative glass making? Then this is your opportunity! Drop-in glass fusing workshops suitable for both adults and children. Have fun, be creative, work with beautiful coloured glass.
  • Eco Fab Florals, Remake Posies from Plastic
    Join the Remade in Brighton team for a hands-on activity in alternative floristry. You will have access to a range of materials, and be shown how to turn a plastic bottle into an evergreen, glorious bloom.
  • Letterbox Kits Polymer Clay Workshop
    Come and discover the world of polymer clay modelling! At this drop-in workshop you can decorate one of the ready-made charms, using lots of different tools and molds and many colours of clay to create your own piece of unique 3D art.
  • Marbling Machine
    Traditionally made by hand, this new machine marbles paper automatically. It’s easy and fun to use!
  • Recycled Bottle Jellyfish
    Come along and make your very own, brilliant upcycled PET bottle jellyfish. Complete with glow-in-the-dark-spots, googly eyes and multi-coloured wool and ribbon tentacles!

Computers & Programming

  • Ada
    A learning tool for programming, coding and making digital creations. Ada is an all-in-one computer with the software Curiosity, with endless possibilities for connecting other devices and a built-in micro-controller for getting electronics involved in digital creating.
  • Code Club
    A nationwide network of free volunteer-led after-school coding clubs for children aged 9-11. Come and play one of the games they teach how to make in their clubs and find out more about how you can get involved!
  • Coder Dojo Brighton
    Coder Dojo Brighton is part of a global movement to promote young users of the internet and new technology to understand programming and become creators rather than users.
  • Programming with Marble Runs
    Learn programming without computers by building physical marble runs. Try your hand at challenges on the day, or just build the biggest most complex marble programming you can!
  • Raspberry Pi-Maker
    Raspberry Pi is to computers what Lego is to play: come see what fun, whacky, useful, exciting, crazy things you can make with a £30 computer.
  • The National Museum of Computing
    Brighton Mini Maker Faire favourites are back with a range of historical home and business computers – from BBC Micro and 80’s home computers to laptops and luggable business machines.

Painting & Art

  • Create a Comic Strip
    Ever wanted to make your own comic strip? Local cartoonist Jaime Huxtable will show you how, using just a set of basic tools!
  • Emoti
    Emoti is a piece of immersive installation art that combines visual colours and audio to represent the emotional state of the Twitter-world – in a beautifully chaotic installation.
  • Giant Drawing Machines
    Draw a miniature outline of your body onto A4 art paper, or enlarge your hand to make an A3 poster. Made from familiar materials, Hove artist Nick Sayers’ contraptions demonstrate maths and mechanics in a fun, interactive way.
  • LightDust: Real-time Light Painting!
    Select any mix of colours, use an invisible torch light as the paint brush and paint on a large canvas with light!


  • Hammer Pong
    A crazy mash-up between a fairground “Test Your Strength” sideshow, the old Pong TV game and some kind of bizarre accident involving a Tron Lightcycle getting tangled up in high voltage cables. If you can’t imagine it, you just have to see it!
  • Lo Tech, Hi Fun Battleships
    The legendary game Battleships is brought to life – including ‘exploding’ ships, a marauding submarine and ships made out of wood and springs.
  • Stop the Train Game
    Can you stop the model train at the station? Try your skill at this apparently simple but fiendishly difficult game.

3D Printing, Laser Cutting & Digital Fabrication

  • e-NABLE – 3D Printed Prosthetics
    e-NABLE creates 3D print designs for mechanical hand prosthetics. Recently awarded a $600,000 grant from Google, the global network of passionate volunteers dedicates their design and technical skills to help those in need for free.
  • Exploring the Wonders of the World with 3D Printing
    Making objects from museums and wonderful things in the world come alive for children in the classroom and at home using 3D printing.
  • Just Add Sharks Laser Cutters
    Just Add Sharks will exhibit laser cut items and projects as well as demonstrating their new “Pigmy Shark” laser cutter with open source break in board!
  • Minimillcnc
    A new computer controlled milling machine for home use. Minimillcnc is designed as open hardware that can be made from scratch or ordered as a kit, suitable for designing things for arts, crafts and engineering projects.
  • Product Assembling 3D Printer
    Buzz Technology will be showing a bolt on kit for the Prusa 3D printer that will enable it to assemble non printable modules (batteries, motors, electronics, screens) into printed parts to create fully working products.

Maker Supplies, Kits, Components & Books

  • Carbon Frog
    Tools, gadgets and components for designers, engineers and makers, enabling them to get their ideas up and running as quickly as possible!
  • Maplin
    Maplin will be at Brighton Mini Maker Faire selling all their essential kits from Raspberry Pis to 3D printers to quadcopters, plus components and books.
  • O’Reilly
    An active participant in the technology community, O’Reilly has a long history of advocacy, meme-making, and evangelism. Come along and check out their book stall at the Brighton Mini Maker Faire.

Maker Communities & Hackspaces

  • BuildBrighton
    Build Brighton is a communal workshop and collective of makers, designers, tinkerers, hobbyists, engineers, artists and hackers.
  • Hitchin Hackspace featuring Bighak
    This North Hertfordshire-based Hackspace presents projects from sewing to stop motion animation, from electronics to furniture making, plus their greatest achievement to date: a giant ride-on homage to the 1970s toy Bigtrak!
  • MakerClub
    MakerClub run the Brighton MakerLab,a purpose built space for young people to learn and get creative with technology. The first centre of it’s kind in the city, it’s all geared up to get 6 to 16 year olds using robots, making computer games and inventing cool stuff!
  • rLab and TVRRUG
    Projects from Reading’s Hackspace including electronics, engineering and software projects, quadcopters, craft work and, as always, lasers! Plus the Thames Valley RepRap User Group show how you can build a machine that can build its own specialist components!
  • Surrey & Hampshire Hackspace
    The Hackspace will be presenting a variety of its member’s projects, including the amazing musical octopus, the marvellous marble run and mesmerising moving heart gears.

Music & Sound

  • Deciphering Randomness
    In order to deeply understand, develop and overcome algorithmic methods (including programs and devices), one needs to understand the notion of randomness and random generators.
  • Live Coding Music in 5 Minutes
    A hands on introduction to live coding for making music using free software. Drop in, write code, make noise!
  • SENSEries
    A series of playable musical headpieces, enabling you to manipulate sounds and the voice through touch, movement and light. Aside from the excitable geekery of the technology these pieces all have a striking and intricate visual aesthetic.

Phew! That’s our list right now, but we always manage to squeeze in a few last-minute surprises. If you want to meet all this lot, you really need to get yourself some tickets!