Maker FAQ

How do I get in touch with you?

For any questions, please send email to, and we’ll answer them quickly.

Is funding available?

Yes, limited funding is available for non-commercial makers. See our Maker Grants page.

Setup and teardown

We have access to the space on Saturday 9am-6pm, plus the Friday night before 6pm – 11pm

You can set up the night before from 8pm onwards. This will be a good opportunity to meet the other makers, get to know the venue, and make sure you have everything you need prior to the big day. We’ll also be allowed in the venue from 8:30am on the day, but we heartily recommend you set up the night before, so there’s less stress and kerfuffle on the day itself.

A key point to make is that we have to be ready to clear the venue by 6pm at the latest on Saturday as there may be an evening event on after ours. You may want to consider this limited load out time when planning what to bring, and if you have serious concerns about your ability to pack down in an hour please let us know so we can plan around it.

Where do I park?

There is very limited parking at the venue, so this is by special arrangement only.

The most convenient on-the-day parking is at: Brighton Theatre NCP, Church Street, Brighton, BN1 1US. The height restriction is 2m however.

It currently offers an Early Bird Deal. If you park after 6am and before 8am and leave before midnight you pay a flat rate fee of £4.90. This is the best option for anyone just coming for the Saturday itself.

Alongside the NCP prices offered for the early bird deal there is an arrangement for a conference/daytime ticket price that can be pre-ordered for daytime events.
£10.00 for a 24 hour period. We can source these from the venue if they’re required.

These are the charges outside of this deals.
1 hour: £1.00
1 to 2 hours: £5.00
2 to 3 hours: £10.00
3 to 4 hours: £15.00
4 to 24 hours: £25.00

We also have a limited number of ‘Zone Y’ visitor parking permits, which can be provided for free. Zone Y is a short walk away from the venue.

PAT Testing

Details TBC, but we expect that all equipment and installations need to comply with PAT testing regulations.

Dressing rooms and safe storage

There is a ‘green room’ available in the venue that we can use for maker-only storage and as a private area during the day. There are no lockers however, we recommend keeping any valuables on your person.

What does the venue look like?

Can I speak at the event?

We are discussing having a speaker track at the event, there is a suitable room for a 100 seat ‘mini conference’. If you are interested in speaking, please give details to

Public liability insurance

We are still confirming the policy that we will have for the event, but it is not expected that it will cover liability respective to maker exhibits and devices. If you do not already have your own liability insurance, please get in touch and we can help where possible.

Preparing your exhibit

Unless you have arranged a larger area with us, we will provide a standard trestle table (about 180cm x 75cm) and two chairs. We ask that you bring all other items required for your exhibit. If you need something different, and you indicated so in your application, we may contact you to discuss these details. If you have heavy equipment, please get in touch ASAP to ensure we are aware.

We cannot attach anything to the walls, so if you would like to have a backdrop for your exhibit, please bring exhibition boards or similar.

We’d like you to think about ways to design your exhibit and to make it interactive and fun. If you have any questions about your exhibit or changes to it, please email us.