How to Soften Hard Water For Washing Hair?

Do you always get that greasy feeling on your hair even after you have washed it? Does your scalp always feel sticky, regardless of many times you shampoo leaving you with a bad smell? If you notice the above more often than not, the chances are that you usually are using hard water to wash your hair. Washing your hair with hard does not clean your water correctly.

In this article, I will describe how you can soften hard water for cleaning your hair so that your hair will be clean and with no grease. I will also add some recommendations on the best water softener reviews.

Why is use soft water Instead of Hard Water for washing hair?

Water has various minerals; it hardens the ratios of absorbed minerals high in contrast to how they are in the normal water. Two main compounds whose levels are high are calcium and magnesium. Hair reacts differently to compounds and hard water can have many impacts.

Below are various reasons why soft water is ideal for washing hair:

Minimal Damage: Soft water has fewer minerals that are hair friendly it will not make your hair and scalp dry; it prevents dandruff and hair breakage.

Increase Hair Volume: Soft water is absorbed easily by your hair follicles and promotes hair growth. When it comes to hard water, it is not easily absorbed thus limiting hair growth in comparison to how much it can increase in volume when you use soft water.

Fewer Split Ends: Too much magnesium and calcium content in hard water produce residue which affects your hair. As time goes by, this damages hair edges resulting in split ends, which leads to hair loss and hair falling off. Soft water will leave your hair naturally clean and eliminate any traces of grease and dirt.

Protects your dyed Hair: If you love dyeing your hair, it is a good idea to use soft water to clean your hair. Hard water does not do justice on your hair and tends to damage the hair dye. This means that your dye will start fading in comparison to washing hair with soft water.

Softening Water for Proper Hair Wash

There are various steps that you can take to entirely transform the type of water you receive in your tap. If you wish to know how water for washing hair can be softened, try the below methods

Shower filter with softener

A shower filter can be described as a kind of hoop that be fitted on your shower system. It is beneficial as it can significantly minimize the ratio of lime, chlorine magnesium and other elements found in the hard water. What’s more, they come with inbuilt water softeners, and this means that once installed, you can wash hair immediately. A shower with in-built softeners is the most ideal choice if you live in an apartment as they work fantastic in minimal spaces.

Whole house water softening system

A whole water softening system is used on a long-term basis, and this makes it more costly compared to the shower filter option. It helps to soften the water in your house, and not just confined to your bathroom water. The water softening system will eliminate the mineral in hard water such that only sodium is left in the water. This will assist to change from hard to soft water. This will be a double benefit because you will have clean water for your hair, and other households chore and minimize any form of destruction to your bathroom and kitchen cutlery.


Softening hard water is essential as it ensures that your hair remains healthy and fresh. Choosing a water softening system is determined by the level of water hardness in your area and your household needs. You should always check for water softener consumer reviews online to determine the one that best suits your needs. Nonetheless, it is good to note that your body requires calcium and magnesium minerals for healthy metabolism. Thus it is not healthy to always take soft water.

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