A New Google Gaming Platform Is In The Making

The Xbox Two or PlayStation 5 is the least of the rumours floating in the video game sector for several months. The truth is that a company is secretly planning to end the problems attached to video games. The company is Google, which remains a service for internet browsers and emails.

While nothing much has floated into the ears about Google’s video game schedules, some ingredients may be in the making. In fact, sources mention that the company’s plans will display three unique strategies.

Google Video Game Approaches:

  1.  A streaming platform
  2.  A hardware platform
  3. Bring game creators under the auspices of Google umbrella. This may involve major acquisitions or aggressive recruiting

History And Facts:

For several years, Google has taken it upon itself to monitor video game techniques. Before Amazon emerged, reports show that Google planned to purchase Twitch. Sources mentioned that the company has been planning to create an Android-oriented game over the years.

Niantic which is Google’s incubated platform was rewarded as one of the largest gaming improvements in 2016. The Pokémon Go initiative from Niantic scored a huge mark to make the platform popular. Google has been engaging in the recruitment of game creators to handle projects that may not materialise.

Google’s video game plan has become popular in recent months. In 2018, during the Game Developers Conference around March, the company met with a plethora of large video game services. The goal of this meeting is to measure the effectiveness of moving into the stream platform service.
Earlier this year, The Information a media outlet reported about Google’s Yeti game module. A couple of weeks ago, Google have had meetings in Los Angeles within the E3 premises. As the meetings continue to grow, the company is busy inquiring from professional video game developers of their view.

What Is The Google Game Streaming Program?

The Google service will be unleashing the project of delivering graphics to large PCs elsewhere just like the Nvidia GeForce Now. This idea will help the most affordable computer to gain access to top-notch games.
Streaming is better than downloads or physical discs because it will help to get rid of hardware difficulties for games. This means that large gaming platforms will be able to reach a bigger audience. This is what the Google Yeti will be providing users if rightly implemented. It also involves objects playing the Witcher 3 right with the accessibility of Google Chrome.


Will the Google video game the biggest deal of the industry? With the information above, it may be the single largest thing the company has accomplished without difficulties if launched. While it may sound too good to believe, it is wise to see the next move of the company.

Google is still trying to put things together before shocking the world according to reporters. Until the cat is let out of the bag, gamers across the world await something innovative. Any video game that can make life easy for gamers will definitely gain more fans. On this note, let us give Google the benefit of the doubt in the meantime.

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