Highlights from Brighton Mini Maker Faire 2015

Highlights from makers, punters, and the team on the social media sphere on Brighton Maker Faire on Storify, a report on ITV News, SENSEries on BBC Sussex’s Danny Pike show, photo album on Developing Dreams and many more across the world wide web.

Thanks go out to all makers, creators, inventors, volunteers and sponsors for making Brighton Mini Maker Faire such a fantastic experience and flag ship event of Brighton Digital Festival.

Keep the spirit of making and creating alive!

The Brighton Mini Maker Faire team

(Andrew, Emma, Jo, Kati, Amy, Alastair, Mike, and Inessa)

Brighton Maker Faire highlights

Brighton Maker Faire 2015 highlights – photo album by Kati Byrne / Developing Dreams

About Kati

Kati has a passion for creating mind-boggling campaigns and art installations using emerging technology to engage the unengaged and delight the disillusioned. She has smuggled chopped up guns into the British Museum in the name of peace, conducted a choir of mosquitos and goats to the rhythm of a heartbeat for charity, and built an army of Brightoners out of bio-plastic for the UK's first 3D body scanning and 3D printing art installation. In the past 15 years, she has worked for major charities, a news corporation, digital marketing agencies, and a web-design agency. The closest she has ever been to the Oscars is winning a PR Week award - an Oscar equivalent in the media world. She has been enjoying freelance life for the past 6 years while raising children, co-founding digital communications and creative agency Developing Dreams, tech startup 3Dify and launching professional association the Hospitality Guild.
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