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Each year, as part of Brighton Mini Maker Faire, we produce a magazine called Hot Glue. It’s full of maker projects, articles and inspiration to help people carry on making at home. We’re now looking for contributors for our 3rd issue.

The theme for this year’s issue is Curiosity

How can making help us understand the world around us?
How are things made, why are they made that way, and how can we make them differently?
How do materials behave, how do things fit together, and what happens if you put them together differently?

Hot Glue features a mix of projects, editorial and illustration:

  • Accessible projects, experiments and activities across a range of tech and crafts, from fabric crafts to simple electronics, using materials and tools that are easy to find, cheap or free, or recycling stuff you may already have around you. They might be projects you can do alone, or in your school, with your kids (or your parents). Maybe useful stuff, maybe just fun.
  • Articles about making, what it means to you, personal stories and pieces on tools, technology and materials.
  • Criticism, opinion and provocation on what making is, the maker movement and where it’s going.

We pay contributors a fee for original submissions, or if you have a piece published elsewhere under a suitable licence, we’re happy to look at republishing. We also want to hear from anyone else who can support us with illustrations, photography, distribution or sponsorship.

If you’re interested, send a short (1 sentence) outline of your idea to

About Andrew Sleigh

I'm a maker, web geek, writer, photographer and walker based in Brighton, UK. More at Follow me on Twitter at:
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