Meet the Maker: Carbon Frog

As part of our “Meet the Makers” interview series, we asked our Makers to tell us a little about themselves. Today, meet Dan from Carbon Frog!

Carbon Frog1) Who are you and where do you come from?

My name is Dan Hamer. I live in a village called Five Oak Green which is just outside Tonbridge in Kent.

2) What do you do?

During the day I am a Mechanical Design Engineer and I work for a firm that manufactures robotic laboratory equipment. But by night, WHEN I’M NOT FIGHTING CRIME, I work on my own projects and interests that are many and varied. 3D printing, electronics, embedded programming to name but a few. I’ve also turned my hobby into a home business as I love to share my work and make it pay for itself.

3) Do you have a website?

This is my site where people can buy my products and kits. I’m gradually building it up and adding new products as I bring them into production. However it’s slow going as I work full-time, I have a family and its pretty much just me (although my wife does a heck of a lot to help and support me).

4) What will you have on your stall?

The main product I’ll be promoting is my Matrix Clock. I’ll also be selling my SMD MOSFET driver soldering kits that I’ve been selling for over a year now, and hopefully a new more powerful version that I’ve developed.

In addition to my own products/kits I’ll also have some stuff I’ve bought in. Here’s the list as it stands at the moment:

  • SMD tweezers
  • Spudgers
  • A load of LEDs
  • Some WS2812B intelligent RGB LEDs
  • Some really cool little LED tactile buttons in red, blue, green and amber
  • Some Arduino Pro Mini clones ( I’m not a fan of clones as I like to support open hardware but I think in the case of the Pro Mini it’s OK as it’s so simple and it encourages people to build more stuff, besides the ones I have chosen have some advantages over the official ones)
  • Some rotary encoders
  • Some 1F super capacitors
  • Solder paste

My intention (as well as selling my own products) is to offer components and tools that are interesting and that promote creativity. I want to spark people’s imagination with the things I sell and enable them to advance their skills.

5) Are you running any workshops?

No. I’d love to run a surface mount soldering workshop but as this is my first event I think I’ll just see how other Makers are running their workshops. Hopefully next year I can run my SMD soldering workshop.

6) Have you been to a Maker Faire before?

I attended the Brighton Mini Maker Faire last year (as a visitor) and loved it. I’ve told all my friends about it and I hope some of them are going to visit this year.

7) Anything else you want to share?

I don’t really fight crime, in fact my 6 year old daughter can beat me up.

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