Meet the Maker: MakerClub

As part of our “Meet the Makers” interview series, we asked our Makers to tell us a little about themselves. Today, meet Simon and Declan from MakerClub!

MakerClub1) Who are you and where do you come from?

We’re Simon and Declan from MakerClub, we’re from Brighton and based in New England House along with a load of other nutty companies.

2) What do you do?

We aim to empower young people to create rather than consume, making learning tools that imaginatively teach technology, design and the art of invention! We’ve yet to release our first product, but the technology we’ve developed enables our smartphone app to control an Arduino over Bluetooth, letting anyone with a little know how take control of the environment around them and use the slew of sensors and outputs to create some seriously crazy devices!

3) Do you have a website?

4) What will you have on your stall?

We’ll be demonstrating the Carduino and showing off a few other early prototype learning devices.

5) Are you running any workshops?

Yes, we’ll be getting the kids (and big kids!) to put together the Carduino and have a race around.

6) Have you been to a Maker Faire before?

Nope, it’s our first time – be gentle!

7) Anything else you want to share?

Just, that we can’t wait to meet you all properly!

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