Meet the Maker: The Boom Box Project

As part of our “Meet the Makers” interview series, we asked our Makers to tell us a little about themselves. Today, meet Madeleine from The Boom Box Project!

The Boom Box Project1) Who are you and where do you come from?

My name is Madeleine, I’m originally from Brighton and I work as a designer for a company called Novalia.

2) What do you do?

We make paper interactive using conductive ink. We make paper which can play music, speech, light up, connect you to the internet and control apps, amongst some other fun things.

3) Do you have a website?

Our website is

4) What will you have on your stall?

We will be showing some of our interactive paper products such as interactive audio posters, printed bluetooth keyboards and the one we’re currently developing, called Badaboombox.

We’re hoping that people will come to our stand and have lots of fun playing with the products.

5) Are you running any workshops?

No, but we’re looking forward to seeing what’s going on within the maker community.

6) Have you been to a Maker Faire before?

No we haven’t, but we’re really looking forward to this one!

7) Anything else you want to share?

Just that we’re excited to be there! (I think I might have mentioned…)

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