Maker Faire Brighton 2013 Live Blogging

11.30am The doors have been open for an hour and a half and we’re now in full swing, with punters exploring all the amazing exhibits the Corn Exchange, Foyer Bar and Mezzanine. For us it’s already been a long day – the organisers and volunteers have been setting up since 6am! As is traditional at Brighton Maker Faire, visitors are being chased by a dalek, who is this year accompanied by some rather unnerving robot traffic cones, and there’s a hum of whizzy, whirry, jangly noises eminating from every space.

The mini conference is also underway, and I’ve just heard that Maggie Philbin (of Tomorrow’s World and Bang Goes The Theory fame) has entered the building. This has caused much excitement amongst the crew, who are all huge fans. She’ll be chairing a debate at 1pm on Making for Social Good, and I’m *hoping* to interview her afterwards, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, here’s a lovely photo of a little girl making fruit light up – as you do at Maker Faire.

15.00 I’ve just come out of the mini conference in the Founders Room, and was lucky enough to speak to Maggie Philbin who chaired the debate on Making for Social Good. Maggie told me a bit about what went on in the debate, and her passion for helping young people discover their potential through her Teen Tech project. Have a listen to the podcast here:

Earlier I spoke with Chanchala from Irregular as Clockwork, who told me about her steampunk jewellery, and the 3D printed clock she and her husband have brought to the Faire…

Upstairs in the Mezzanine, there’s some great toy hacking going on:

16.00 Just an hour and a half to go, and things are slowly starting to calm down a bit out there. I was able to make it through the crowds to talk to a few more makers, including Paul from Reading Hackspace, Ewan from W.A.F.E. Formation, Dominic from Nottingham Hackspace and inventor and author Mike Cook. Have a listen to the podcasts to find out what we talked about…

And here’s a picture of Samuel showing some kids his Bacteria Robot – a rather hypnotic invention…

18.30 It’s all over for the main exhibition, but come back tomorrow for the workshops!

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