Last Call for 2013 Makers – Applications Close This Friday

This week is your last chance to put in an application if you want to be a maker at Brighton Mini Maker Faire 2013, because our call to makers closes on Friday (7th June). We’ve had some great applications so far, and are super excited about how this year’s event looks likely to shape up, but we know there are still other amazing makers out there who could help make it even bolder and better than the last two years.

If you are one of those still deliberating on whether to apply, or this is the first you’ve heard about it, here are the top five reasons we think you’ll love being a Maker at Brighton Mini Maker Faire:

1. Share your passion – In our experience, most makers are highly passionate people who can enthuse endlessly on their chosen skill or craft. Maker Faire gives you an amazingly receptive audience to do this with, in one of the most passionate environments you could imagine.

2. Inspire young minds – A lot of kids and young adults come to Maker Faire, and are deeply inspired by what they discover there. Your presence at Maker Faire could be instrumental in striking up a lifelong interest in someone who may go on to be as skilled and passionate as you one day. Wow.

3. Meet other makers – It’s a very sociable event, where you will meet likeminded people who love making, too. You may learn a new skill from a fellow maker, strike up beautiful friendships or make productive business connections. There will be beer afterwards, too.

4. Get feedback and new ideas – The nature of Maker Faire is much more interactive and hands-on than any traditional craft fair or tech show. You will find people eager to hear about your budding projects and to give you their thoughts and creative input on whatever you’re working on. Many of them will follow you on Facebook or Twitter afterwards, too, or want to visit your web site for more information.

5. Have fun (LOTS) – The main feedback we’ve had from previous makers and volunteers is that they have massively enjoyed being part of the event, and got a real buzz out of it. Most of them have applied to come back again, so they must really love it!


Whatever your making skill, passion or idea, we would love to have you on board for Brighton Mini Maker Faire 2013. Don’t put it off any longer – get your application in here: before Friday 7th June. That’s THIS Friday!

If you’re not a maker, but you know someone who is and might like to apply, please share this post with them.

A reminder of the event dates…
Main event: Saturday 7th September 2013, 10am to 5pm.
Workshops day: Sunday 8th September 2013, 10am to 5pm.

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