Maker Faires of the World Unite!

With less than a week to go until we close the call for makers and start sifting through all the amazing applications that have come through, we thought it was worth taking afew minutes to take a look at what our global brethren have been up to.

Brighton Maker Faire is one of many events globally to inspire makers to get together and show off what they can do.

So when you come to Brighton you are one of tens of thousands globally this year alone!

So, what’s been happening?

Well, over in Illinois you could go along and play music on the Tubulum which helped the event be a massive hit back in April.

To see more why not have a look at

How about clowns with mousetrap (a cool combination!) over at Maker Faire Seoul?

Of course if your Korean is decent then feel free to take a look at what they got up to over at


Do you make in a land Down Under?

Looks like they had a great time in Melbourne and there is plenty more over at

And let’s not forget those who are closer to home. Derby had its first Mini Maker Faire this year and it sounds like an amazing success.

See what they got up to over at

And this is from the daddy of them all, the Bay Area Maker Faire that started the entire movement. Have a look at some recent highlights (and giant robot dinosaurs):

Join Brighton Mini Maker Faire as a Maker

If all this Maker Faire action has inspired you and you’re now itching to get your makes out in front of the world, there is still time to register to be one of our Makers at Brighton Mini Maker Faire on 8th September 2012 (Register at: up to the 20th June).

We look forward to seeing the rest of you in September! Sign up to the Facebook event to stay tuned for event updates:


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